Project - Snowflake Paper Chains

What a retro classic! Brilliant printed paper chains, perfect for the kids to make this year - or make them up yourself (very therapeutic!).

I've used plain 80gsm printer paper here but 100gsm may have been slightly better, depends what you've got (they'll only get thrown away after Christmas but you can print them all over again next year!).

Print one side of the paper with the small snowflake design using the borderless setting on your print options.

Print the paper chain sheet in the colour of your choice onto the other side of the paper, again using the borderless print setting. If you forget to use the borderless setting, don't worry - just trim the white edges from the sheet with a craft knife and ruler afterwards.

Before cutting, add a length of 12mm double-sided tape to the back of one of the long sides of the sheet. 

Use a craft knife and ruler or a trimmer/guillotine to cut the paper chains into strips - cut down the middle of the solid-colour borders. 

Turn each paper chain so that it's tape-side up, then remove the tape-backing from all of the strips.

Finally, do the good bit - make up the paper chain!

Products used on the Snowflake Paper Chains

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