This is a pretty card with some great miniature knitting included.  I didn't have any knitting needles but I bought some together with several odds and ends of wool from my local charity shop for just 50p!

For this one print:-

The Alice Knitting motifs onto quality white card
The pink background paper onto quality white paper
The plain ivory sheet (from the Yummy cake recipes set) onto quality white card

To make the card, cut out the 9.5cm wide motif from the sheet with a craft knife and ruler together with a greeting.  Mount both pieces onto larger pieces of ivory card with double-sided tape then trim round with a craft knife and ruler to leave a small border.  If you don't have any ivory card, you can print our sheet (from the Yummy Cake Recipes set) onto white card.

Add sticky pads to the back of the motif and mount it onto another larger piece of ivory card, then again trim round to leave a small border.  This creates a nice depth to the motif piece.

Cover the front of an ivory A5 card blank with the backing paper using double-sided tape.  Add the motif piece and the greeting with more double-sided tape.

To create the mini knitting, cast on 12-14 stitches on small knitting needles and knit 4-5 rows.  Leave a length of wool and wind it round a cocktail stick to make a little ball of wool.  Make mini knitting needles with cocktail sticks by adding the largest-hole beads you can find to the ends with a strong tacky glue such as Aleene's. Trim off any protuding stick-ends.  Transfer the knitting to one of the cocktail sticks.  Stick to the card with further tacky glue.

Products used on the JWS Alice Knitting card

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