I love this image, really cute!

For this one print:-

From the pink baby paper pad

The I Love Mummy reverse background onto quality white paper
The Polka Dot pink background onto quality white paper
The free mini envelopes sheet (the free bonus when purchasing all 3 paper pads) onto quality white paper 

From the Baby Antics set

The Baby with Duck (pink) motif sheet onto quality white card
The Baby Miniatures (pink) sheet onto quality white paper
The Baby bottles sheet onto quality white paper

To make the card, take an ivory or white A5 card blank and add a 15 x 14.8cm piece of the I Love Mummy background and a 6 x 14.8cm piece of the pink polka dot background with double-sided tape.

Stick one of the 10.5cm tall motifs, a greeting and a 14.8cm piece of border strip to larger pieces of silver metallic card with double-sided tape, then trim round with a craft knife and ruler to leave a small border (top and bottom only for the border strip).  Add the border to the card with double-sided tape and the motif and greeting with sticky pads.

To make the baby bottle, cut out both the white and blue parts separately from the baby bottles sheet.  For the white part, wind the paper tightly around a cocktail stick so that you finish with the marker-line end.  Stick into place with double-sided tape, glue stick or a small amount of tacky glue.  

Make the top (blue part) of the bottle in the same way but this time either graduate the paper as you roll it to form the teat of the bottle or roll it straight and push out the paper at the end to form the teat (or a bit of both!).  Once you're satisfied with it, ease in a dollop of a strong tacky glue such as Aleene's to keep it all in place.  Stick this part to the bottle part with further tacky glue.

To make the envelope and invitation, cut out both from the sheets using a craft knife and ruler.  Make up the envelope and stick it together with your chosen glue.  Tuck the invitation into the envelope and stick both items together to a scrap piece of card with double-sided tape - this just raises them up a little and creates a little shadow which makes them show up better.

Add the baby bottle with tacky glue. 

Products used on the Baby Girl with Duck Congratulations card

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