Project - Little Phyllis card

We called this cute toddler little Phyllis after the artist who created her (the picture's signed).

For this one print:-

The Little Phyllis motif sheet onto quality white card
The When We Were Young Damask cream background onto quality white paper

To make the card, cover the front of an ivory 15cm square card blank with the damask background paper using double-sided tape.

Cut out the large motif from the sheet using a craft knife and ruler. Mount it onto a larger piece of silver metallic card using double-sied tape and trim round with your craft knife and ruler to leave a narrow metallic border.

Cut a length of beige narrow satin ribbon to around 22cm long and add strips of double-sided tape to both ends, each being around 5cm long. Wrap the ribbon around the spine of the card, overlapping the ends onto the back. Make a ribbon bow using the same ribbon and add it to the card with a strong tacky glue such as Aleene's.

Add the motif piece to the card with sticky pads.

Products used on the Little Phyllis card