Project - The Cradle Ship Notecard & Bookmark

These notecards are perfect for writing a quick note or if you've run out of time for creating a handmade delight, print out one of these and use it as a greeting card in its own right.

Bookmarks are a great little extra gift to tuck into a card or a lovely additional extra to put into a card for someone you don't usually buy anything for.

Again, it's a shame you can't really see how lovely and shimmery the finish is on this card and bookmark.

For this one print:-

The Cradle Ship Notecard and Bookmark sheet onto (snow) white pearlescent card, preferably with a borderless print setting

Once printed, crease the card with a bone folder or embossing tool before cutting out both items with a craft knife and ruler. Fold the card and check whether additional trimming is required to even it up.

For the bookmark, use a single small hole-punch to punch a hole around half a centimetre from the bottom. Thread lilac or blue ribbon through the hole and trim the ends of the ribbon at an angle with sharp scissors.

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