Project - WFC Black-eyed Susan card

Saucy little Black-eyed Susan 
When her mother caught her snoozin',
Rubbed her sleepy eyes and said,
"Guess I'll toddle off to bed".

For this pretty card print:-

The Black-eyed Susan motifs onto quality white card
The Flower Children yellow background onto quality white paper

Use an ivory 7" x 5" card blank for this card - if you don't have an ivory card blank, you can print our plain ivory sheet below onto a white card blank instead.

Cover the front of the card with the background paper using double-sided tape.

Mount a small motif and poem onto larger pieces of ivory card with double-sided tape and trim round with a craft knife and ruler to leave a small border. Again, if you don't have any ivory card, print our plain ivory sheet onto white card instead.

Apply narrow double-sided tape to the back of some narrow ivory ribbon and wrap it around the card blank so that it's around 1cm from the spine of the card.

Add the motif and poem with double-sided tape so that they sit centrally between the ribbon and the right-hand side of the card.

Add an ivory ribbon bow with a strong tacky glue such as Aleene's.

Products used on the WFC Black-eyed Susan card

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