Project - Knit one Pearl one card

This pretty A6 card was made using the Knit one Pearl one (small) pyramage together with the backing paper strip from the motif sheet (or the full-size background paper).

Print the pyramage sheet onto good quality white card - smooth 225gsm card was used here.

Print the background paper sheet onto good quality white paper - hammer paper was used here.

Cut out the pyramage pieces with a craft knife and ruler. Assemble the pyramage using sticky pads - the largest two pieces are fixed together with double-sided tape rather than pads so the stack doesn't get too big.

Stick to the card blank with double-sided tape.

Cut a 3.5cm strip of backing paper, trim it to fit the front of the card blank and affix it using double-sided tape.

Cut a 10.4cm x 5mm strip of plain white card and stick it to the card blank with double-sided tape so that it sits around 4mm from the top of the patterned paper.

Cut a 14cm piece of cerise 3mm satin ribbon and stick narrow double-sided tape along the whole length of it. If you don't have narrow d-s tape, cut a thin strip from wider tape with a craft knife.

Wrap the cerise ribbon around the white strip, folding the end around the back and inside of the card blank.

To finish the card, make a little ribbon bow from another length of cerise ribbon, trim the ends and stick it to the card blank with Aleene's tacky glue. Add a greeting from the pyramage sheet.

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