Free Santa & Reindeer Puzzle

This is just something for fun - a Fascinating Santa & Reindeer Puzzle that will keep you and the family intrigued for ages on Christmas Day!

Download it here.

The original of this little game, the horse and rider puzzle, has apparently been around since 1871. It's something that my brother-in-law gave to me when I was around 8 years old and I loved it so much, I still have that same tatty version although we've re-created it here in a more seasonal format!

It's best printed onto thick-ish white card and then cut out the three rectangles with a craft knife and ruler. There are four puzzles on the sheet so you can give them out to everyone you want to amuse!

Why not tuck them into Christmas cards as a little 'extra' - you can put the pieces into a grip-seal bag to keep them together. Or put them inside home-made Christmas crackers?

There's a link to the solution below - just don't peek before you've had a good try!

If you can't open the PDF file then you may need a PDF reader. You can download Adobe Reader for free by clicking below.

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Lots of people tell us, "You've made a mistake - it can't be done". Well, it certainly can be done, although it's not easy to see how.

If you promise that you've tried really hard and have bitten off all of your finger nails, you can see the solution here.

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