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Download - Set - Easter and Mothers Day Recipes


We've made this set with Easter and Mother's Day in mind although you can of course use these delicious pastel recipe sheets for birthday cards too (we've included Happy Birthday on the greeting sheet too!)

There are some gorgeous recipes in here - as well as the expected Hot Cross buns there are also some lovely flower-decorated Genoese cakes, a beautiful daffodil-decorated gateau, some yummy meringue baskets, a pretty Easter basket cake, a fabulous violet-decorated cake and a wonderful Bird's Nest cake which is decorated with those delicious chocolate mini eggs.

We've teamed the recipes with some great pastel colours and produced beautiful matching miniatures in a choice of colours to match your chosen colour scheme. The set contains motif sheets with separate ingredients as well as recipe cards that include the picture, ingredients and instructions.

Miniatures include oven gloves, aprons, Easter eggs as well as sugar, butter, flour and icing sugar packets, jam, baking powder and kitchen utensils. Mix and match all the pretty colours and miniatures to create some truly unique and individual designs.

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