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DVD - Men's Collection


It's always difficult to make cards for men, so this disc should be an enormous help. The DVD is crammed full of more than 330 great quality A4 sheets and clip art embellishments for cardmaking and scrapbooking projects. There are also lots of example cards to provide inspiration.

From Origami Shirts to Cinema, motoring and Jazz and more, there are all the components that you'll need to make some fantastic projects for men this year.

The A4 sheets are supplied in PDF format and are intended to be printed and cut up to make lovely cards. We've supplied Adobe Reader on the disc in case you need it to open the PDF files. Other items are supplied in JPG and PNG format to be used in your favourite graphics program, or just printed as they are.


Origami shirts have always been extremely popular for card-making but we've now gone one step further and produced some ready-done shirt papers that have guide-lines printed on them, making them a real doddle to make!

And what's more, we've gone the extra mile to produce some fantastic miniatures that go beautifully with the shirts to make cards that really stand out from the crowd!

This set contains 33 full-size A4 sheets with loads of shirt designs, some pre-printed with ties, buttons and pockets. As well as this there are co-ordinating backgrounds in funky designs and colours and miniatures sheets too. 


Looking for an exciting idea for Father's Day and men's birthday cards? Look no further than this fabulous party origami shirt set!

Not only are there gorgeous Hawaiian tropical and African shirts in this set but there are also denim, checked, lumberjack, vintage floral and hibiscus designs here - absolutely loads of designs for all sorts of cards for both teenagers and the bigger kids in your life!

BUT - the icing on the cake in this set are the fantastic miniatures including miniature BEER and Cola cans, mini pizzas and burgers, ketchup and mustard bottles and a great bag of 'charcoal', ideal for barbeque card designs.


One of my favourites things to do is go to the cinema - it's a pastime that is enjoyed by all ages as there are so many different genres, something for everyone.

From comedy, historical and romcom through to action, adventure and spy movies, there's appeal for children, adults, men and women, young and old.

There are of course things that we have come to associate with the occasion - huge boxes of popcorn, soft drinks in paper cups, pick and mix (a particular favourite of mine!) as well as cinema tickets and the movies themselves. Well, we've captured it all here in our Gone to the Movies set.


After having such fun creating miniatures for the Origami Shirt set, they were very much in mind when I started working on this fab motor car-themed set.

This set of 40 sheets not only contains some superb car images but there is also a sheet of cute miniatures that can be used with them.

Petrol-heads will love our Railton Special and Thunderbolt sheets, two cars that were in competition for the land-speed record back in the late 30s.

Bringing the speed down a little, there are several racing-car images which really capture the feeling of movement as they race around the track after the ultimate prize.

And down to the more sedate, check out the fabulous monochrome Chenard & Walcker images, the Austin Princess and Alvis 14 set as well as the Motor Maid pictures, a great touring car of the day.


I seem to know so many people who love their music that I couldn't wait to get stuck into this set.

This set is a little bit different in that it's a real mixture between modern and vintage - after all, 'records' (if you remember those!?) have been around a long time and music taste can cover many decades.

There are several WPA (Work Projects Administration) posters in this set which were wartime posters that were designed to publicise exhibits, community activities, theatrical productions, and health and educational programs in the US. 

The set contains 40 sheets including motifs, pyramage, background sheets and more. The motif and pyramage sheets are best printed onto quality white card for the best results whilst the backgrounds can be printed onto either card or paper.


We've also included three sets of clip art embellishments featuring Boys in Cars, Fishing Buddies and Golfers. Each set includes 6 different images in JPG and PNG format to print as they are or make digital scrap projects in your favourite graphics program.

As if all of that wasn't enough, there are over 150 further A4 sheets featuring motifs and backing papers for Occupations and Hobbies, Father's Day and For the Boys.

This disc surely contains all you need to make great cards for men.

Suitable for PC/MAC.

Please note that the software box shown above is for illustrative purposes only - the DVD is printed, supplied in a plastic wallet and sent in a sturdy cardboard disc mailer. 

This compilation © Printable Heaven 2013.  You are free to make and sell cards with the sheets, however you may not copy this disc!


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DVD - Men's Collection

DVD - Men's Collection

It's always difficult to make cards for men, so this disc should be an enormous help. The DVD is crammed full of more than 330 great quality A4 sheets and clip art embellishments for cardmaking and scrapbooking projects. There are also lots of example cards to provide inspiration. cardmaking and scrapbooking projects. 

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