Origami Christmas Penguins

These penguins are just so cute but they're extremely easy to fold using our pre-printed papers.

For this one print:-

One of the penguin sheets onto good quality white paper such as Print Perfect 90
A matching penguin background sheet onto medium-weight white card/paper such as Print Perfect 160

To make the card:-

Stick one of the backgrounds onto a white square card with double-sided tape.  If you want to add a metallic card border, cut out one of the backgrounds without the border, stick the piece to metallic card and trim round with a craft knife and ruler before sticking it to the background with the border.

To fold the penguins:-

1. Cut out one of the penguin pieces with a sharp craft knife and ruler.

Origami Penguin


2. Fold diagonally, creasing well.

Origami Penguin


3. Fold back both sides to the back, again creasing well.

Origami Penguin


4. Turn the penguin over and emboss the dotted lines with an embossing tool or similar.  

Origami Penguin


5. Fold the flaps up.

Origami Penguin


6. On the front of the piece, emboss a line each side of the body and along the edges of the 'wings'.

Origami Penguin


7. Fold back at the sides of the body and bring the wings forward.  Crease well.

Origami Penguin


8. It should now look like this.

Origami Penguin


9. Finally emboss the dotted line on the back of the piece and fold up the bottom.

Origami Penguin

Trim off any unwanted white paper that's showing with a sharp craft knife and ruler.

For this card you'll need both a large and small penguin, made in the same way.

To make the placard, cut out your chosen greeting and stick it to a larger piece of silver metallic card with double-sided tape.  Trim round with a craft knife and ruler to leave a small border.  

Cut a further strip of silver metallic card to make the stick.

Arrange the penguins and placard/stick onto the card and fix into place with sticky pads.

Finish the hats by adding pom-poms or punched shapes to the peak - I've used a small sunburst punch for this card.

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