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This motif set contains 24 full-size A4 sheets featuring gorgeous high-quality flower pictures by artist Margaret Armstrong.

The sheets each contain two large and one smaller motif together with a range of greetings including Happy Birthday, Happy Easter, With Sympathy, Best Wishes and Happy Mother's Day. Highlights of this set include two gorgeous cacti - the Opuntia Basilaris and the Pincushion Cactus - as well as the beautifully coloured Mountain Phacelia, the simple yet wonderful Mojave Aster and the ever-fragrant Sweet Pea (shame it's not scratch and sniff!).

The set contains:- 

Mojave Aster 
Mountain Phacelia 
Opuntia Basilaris 
Orange Mariposa Tulip
Penstemon Parryi
Phacelia Grandiflora
Pincushion Cactus
Pink Monkey-flower
Pride of California
Ramona Incana
Salmon Globe Marrow
Sand Verbena
Scarlet Gilia
Small Shooting Star
Snow Plant
Spotted Marrow
Thistle Sage
Western Azalea
Western Wallflower
White Evening Primrose
White Valerian
Wild Onion
Wild Sweet Pea

These flower images truly are stunning - beautifully painted, high quality watercolours that will be appreciated by both young and old. Print them onto good quality white card for the best results.


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