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What a beautiful and useful set this is! Miniature seed packets, great motifs and fantastic miniatures feature in our gardening-oriented offering that are just perfect for making cards for women, men and children.

Choose lovely flower seed packs together with a pretty pink background to make cards for the ladies or go for the vegetable-based option together with a beige background to make cards for the men.

Or pick the orange and apple seed packets to make cards for the kids - or these are just right for the kids to make for grandparents. We have a range of seed packets here that make up to measure 8 x 6cm - these are great as card embellishments or for tucking inside the card to make an extra little gift, complete with the relevant seeds of course!

There are also three sheets of really weeny seed packets which are great for adding an extra little embellishment to a card - what a fantastic idea!

The set also contains some lovely motifs featuring Victorian cottages and images of country life that go together with the seed packets beautifully.


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