Nova 24 Gouache Paints (NVMXM012)

This Nova premium gouache paint set is the perfect choice for a seasoned artist who loves painting but is also a great choice for beginners and children to enjoy.

This set is complete with with 24 bright hues (12ml each) and 3 different brushes for a variety of projects.

These gouache paints are excellent for painting posters, illustrations, comics, and for other design work.

The colours included also have the perfect blend for beautiful flower art, sunsets and many more amazing paintings.


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Nova 24 Gouache Paints (NVMXM012)

Nova 24 Gouache Paints (NVMXM012)

Nova gouache paint set containing 24 tubes of paint, 12ml each.

There are also 3 different-sized paint brushes included in the set.
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