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Download - Set - Christmas Escapades


Christmas Escapades is packed full of images to suit all tastes from the young to the old. There is pyramage, large pyramage and motifs in this set and the sheets also include background strips, border strips and Christmas wording.

There is lots in this set for children - check out the Santa Robot image (evil little wotsit!) and the Santa skull range. Both of these are suitable for young or teenage boys (and perhaps the bigger boys too!).

Most of the set is great for girls of all ages, especially Cute Christmas Pets, Reindog and Santa Bears (amongst others). Don't rule out the older ones though - so much is suitable for all ages!

The set was already so jam-packed that we couldn't fit in everything we wanted to. We therefore also have a Christmas Escapades Backgrounds set that complements this one which not only contains backgrounds but also relative-orientated wording, plain panels and even Christmas inserts. Take a look at Christmas Escapades Backgrounds, product code 23652 for this one.

Free SheetYou can sample a FREE SHEET from this set by clicking here.


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